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Here's how we help:

Improve Gut Health

Use the anti-inflammatory nature of ginger and turmeric to calm the digestive tract. It's a natural source of prebiotic fibre, too!

Heart Protection

A dog's heart can beat up to 220 times per minute. Give it some extra care by reducing inflammatory stress.

Immunity Booster

Doggos can get seasonal colds & have allergies. Root Rescue Pets! powder can help boost immunity- especially as the seasons change.


Like humans, most cancer in pets is treated exclusively with chemo. This places additional stress on the immune system. Our product is a recommended companion to complement cancer plans.


Some days we're just too sore to go for a walk. Managing inflammation more effectively leads to fewer days spent curled on the couch. 

Weight & Sugar Control

Dogs may be more at risk for things like diabetes, obesity and pancreatitis with so many eating a kibble-only diet. This can be hard on the kidneys & liver- leading to further inflammation. Keep it under wraps.